Four business rules I learnt in Kindergarten

Four business rules I learnt in Kindergarten One of RedBalloon’s business values is ‘a sense of humour and fun’. I am blessed to come to bound out of bed every day looking forward to my… Continue reading


A New Tool for Evaluating Research Performance

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arturodonate CC BY 2.0) Given the impact performance evaluations have on scholars’ careers, it is troubling to know that the judging process can lead to unreliable…

Startups 3.0, The Lean Startup, and business angels…

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OK, as with nearly all blog posts, the following is an outrageously reductionist simplification. But for all that, it remains a genuine and honestly held point…

7 tips for bootstrapping a (profitable) Internet company

Entrepreneurial Redistributionalist

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If we make money, sufficient for our needs and have a surplus, it is only fear of the future that makes us hang onto that surplus. Maybe if we…

Why too many startups suck


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My goal is to be working with clients for three hours a day on week days from March, 22nd on throughout the rest of next year, which will…

Choosing An Effective Web Design Company / Freelancer

Choosing An Effective Web Design Company / Freelancer.

Money woes: the ups and downs of freelance life.

Money woes: the ups and downs of freelance life..

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