Freelancing – Where to Begin

Freelancing Joke

Food for Thought

First Question I encounter from the interested friends is “Where do you start”

I think,, are one of the best sources of freelance work till date. with new ones coming up but not reaching volumes on both sides because of the lack of trust and or some times good SEO from the three companies.

Freelancing not necessarily begin at the sites mentioned above but they can come in the form of work requests to your blog,article or journal if you have already done some work in the area of client interest.

In what ever form you receive there is one golden rule of shake hands in freelancing relation Tie the knot with a Contract. It is not only ensures the commitments prior to the assignment but also guarantees legal binding to both the parties.

Studies and Online Forums show 80% negative remarks about the client when it comes to payment.There may be million reasons for that from unsatisfactory performance to greed. But having a legal binding does help.

Please Enroll in forums like , to understand more of how the freelancing actually works.

Accept Initial payment, Its completely fair. Stick to your deadlines,commitments and I am sure you will get your good client. But Be careful and don’t trust unless the payments are regular.