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Cheap Coffee: Smart Finance for College Grads

In this economy, businesses occasionally will seek out freelancers to do work for them because they’re more affordable than hiring a full-time employee. The main plus for the business is that they don’t have to pay employee benefits like health insurance to someone who is freelancing with them.

You can freelance a lot of skills: Copy editing, teaching, translating, writing, designing, coding, etc. Freelancing isn’t the path that many choose because you never know where your next pay check is coming from – the nightmare of the freelancer is that they can’t find any business – but some smart, experienced freelancers make a good chunk of change, and many of them don’t even have to leave home for their work.

Tips if you want to freelance, gathered both from my wise participatory journalism teacher and from a little research:

> When you’re first starting, keep your day job. You can’t…

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