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I’m Sonali Shah, a freelance features writer. (Girl, 26, Goa/ Mumbai (India), blah blah…)

I write on travel, culture, cuisine and luxury lifestyle trends for magazines published from India. I also review books, hotels, restaurant and spas. And once in a while, write on technology and films.

In the last couple of years, I’ve travelled to Canada, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Spain and Macao, and now my head’s bursting with lovely memories from these countries!

If you need stories from Europe or Indian places, I’m your girl.

I’m not a content writer or someone who spins content from the web for $5 per post. I write original stories, trying my best to convince the reader why a visit to the destination I talk about, is a good idea. My style tends to lean toward experiential pieces, and those are the ones I enjoy writing the most. Features and profiles for which…

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