The Would-Be Freelancer

It’s been a long time between posts, sorry, and I will strive to remedy that. But traveling Aotearoa means there is so much to do, and such infrequent Net access, that it’s easy to lose touch with my virtual self. I’ve also been remiss in earning more than I need to survive, as surviving adequately is enjoyable enough at times.

BUT, I did sell a story recently that serves as a good example of how random the freelance existence is. And of how important timing, networking, chutzpah, luck and being open to possibilities are, even after you have a great story and the ability to write it. Read on:

As a former contributor to Yonhap News, Korea’s national news agency, my stories (if considered suitable) got picked up by publications that had a contract with the service. I was contacted in November by one of the three English-language newspapers in…

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