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Confession of the day

“Dear Miriam. We have received your invoice, but we noticed a couple of discrepancies and wondered if you could re-issue it for payment ASAP.”

This is how an email by one of my clients – a South African financial agency – started. It was a reply to my email asking when they’d pay me.

YOu have to understand that chasing payments and clients is one of the things freelance writers – or any freelancer, I suppose – loathe.

It is stressful, it is time consuming, and it is annoying as hell. Most of us have 100 other things we’d rather do and chasing invoices is not one of them. Besides, it is frustrating that clients expect you to meet deadlines at all cost (if you miss them, you risk losing that particular client, thus par of your income), while most of them do not particularly seem…

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