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The demand for freelance contractors significantly increased in the last 10 years, but the supply of web developers, graphic designers, blog writers, virtual assistants and online marketers is still insufficient.  It seems that as more companies and entrepreneurs realize the value of outsourcing jobs to skilled internet-based workers, employees are still a bit reluctant to leave their 9-5 jobs to be eContractors working from home.

Truth is, it’s not that easy to be your own boss.  Not only will you have to be an expert in time management, you will also be directly responsible for the amount of money you’ll be earning.  There are also no benefits such as insurance, double holiday pays, nor paid vacation and sick leaves.  Financial security depends on the number of projects you accept in a week.  No work means no pay.  This is why freelance workers usually charge high per hour—to compensate for their…

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