The World in My Words. Full Stop.

I seriously hope this week will end better than it started. Feeling seriously under the emotional weather at the moment, and it sucks ass. I have gazillions of deadlines waiting to be slain, but I can’t seem to get myself to do the job. Fuck.

First of all, I am having some serious difficulties adjusting to the fact that Significant Other and I are on separate continents again. I thought I had gotten to this scenario by now, but hey – I guess I was wrong. So much gets lost in translation when you are miles apart, despite all the forms of technolog, and you (well, me) face the risk of misinterpreting each other’s messages. Which leads to arguments / feeling of insecurity /  rubbing each up other the wrong way / etc.

Not cool. I know he is stressed with / at work, and sometimes this results in him…

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