The freelance explorer

Just like in any other booming industry, scammers and opportunists flood the freelancing market.  Sure, there are numerous legitimate freelance jobs but there are also many who take advantage of honest freelancers who simply want to make a decent living. Let us discuss some of the most common freelancing scams and how to steer away from them.

The sample collector 

Collecting sample works from numerous applicants is one of the most prevalent freelancing scams. This includes clients who require one or two different samples from several applicants “before being considered for the job”.  After receiving the samples, they would then inform most (if not all) of the aspiring freelancers that their application failed. From these diverse samples, they have already gathered several unpaid pieces of work that can complete the whole job.

Prospective freelancers can avoid such scam by presenting a portfolio with similar works rather than creating an entirely…

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