How Not To make money?

The other day I was talking to my boyfriend about things he loved to do before we get married,

One of the things in his list was making money, More money to rest your soal (in his words … His ass in rest for a while), though we both were from similar financial status, earning enough infact enough to comfortably live and enjoy our vacations couple of times a year, he seems to have thought of needing more money.

I asked him, We went to the vacations, travelled almost around the world and got ourselves good name at the companies we are working for and with the people we hangout with as not stingy but ideal couple. then why you think you need more money?

He certainly has no clue, but one in the list for my satisfaction is to make me happy, Glad he thought so, but may be I am not really behind the money he is going to make or the luxurious life / gifts he is going to bestow upon me … any more than the tiny little hugs and kisses we share and the long walks we take on the beach.

We just need enough to keep ourselves happy, without needing to borrow from any one, live comfortably for ourselves and our kids and emergencies, Ideally and strictly We should not cheat and be greedy.

I think many problems of you are originated from greed, with greed comes more hours, with more hours your work pressure, with work pressure you need some additional stimulant may it be caffeine,nicotine or some thing else … then you get sleeplessness and other disorders…

Why all this when you are content with what you make and know to live life happily ?

Think about it !

Glad we did and he agreed to it.