Half-Finished Games and the Puritan Choir


I have a terrible habit: I tend not to finish games.

Between my 9 to 5, my freelancing, a role at another company, writing fiction, spending time with my girlfriend, and occasional dinner parties or movie screenings with friends, I don’t really have much time to game.

This dramatically affects both the kind of type of games I buy and the possibility that I’ll finish the longer games I do purchase.  Call of Duty games, for instance, reliably clock in at the eight to ten hour mark, meaning that I can beat one in a week or two without trouble.  An Assassin’s Creed or Grand Theft Auto, however, can lie half-finished on my shelf for a year or more.  While others bristle at a game being too short, I sigh with relief that it’s not going to cut into my writing time.  I avoid RPGs and MMOs of all…

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