Zen and the Art of Freelancing

oDesk and other freelancing websites

Half-Finished Games and the Puritan Choir

Originally posted on RobWritesPulp:
I have a terrible habit: I tend not to finish games. Between my 9 to 5, my freelancing, a role at another company, writing fiction, spending time with my…

You know what I really wouldn’t mind?

Originally posted on Weave Your Story:
A story assignment! I’m frustrated. It’s been too long, and all these half-bite, nearly-there teases (and it seems there have been MANY in the past couple months)…

Crosby has found his fame, alright

Originally posted on Ryan Van Horne:
This article was written in 2003 for a website that never paid me for the story — although they put the story on their site. That website…

How Not To make money?

The other day I was talking to my boyfriend about things he loved to do before we get married, One of the things in his list was making money, More money to rest… Continue reading

Social Media – It’s Getting More and More Important by the Day

Originally posted on freelancesociety:
Upward Bound On The Social Train! One of the most prominent trends in internet marketing today is the trend of social media. Social media is getting rapidly increasing in important. Whether…

As a #freelancer, What aspects of #Office do you miss? #culture

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So You’re Wondering How To Make Money Fast

Freelance consulting risks – Finding clients who pay

One story I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a handful of customers who have either gone bankrupt before being able to pay or have severely delayed outstanding payments. In one extreme… Continue reading

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